You are the Sun of Your Life

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I am here at the very well used library in Burlington, Vermont.

Oh, it has been an incredible year of really big shifts.

I want to thank Emily for really trying to find her way with our work with the Women’s Small Business Program. Oh, she got a lot but it still remains to be seen how it will fall into use.

I want to say how sad I and my family are that my Mother died and thank my sister Sheryl for holding really good family energy. I doubt she has a sense of the day dream I have to live outside of our home. I pray it will be an easy shift when it very clearly arrives as an opportunity I shouldn’t miss.

Oh I also want to suggest to new blog readers to read my earlier writing as this is more of a recap than a speech.

Mark with Jernigan at Muddy Waters

Mark with Jernigan at Muddy Waters

Oh, fine friends it is the end of the year and we would love to be in your mind as a good outfit to give money to.

Please go to my donation page by clicking here.

You will find a letter I wrote to my folks about why I want to be a writer.  It was written as an assignment for the art thesis class Jonathan Berger taught last year at NYU. In it I pretty much layout my vision.

What is new information is that there are concrete projects ahead:

We want to create meaningful trainings for private and municipal organizations that open up communication on the concept of diversity.

We want to keep moving forward with my TV show at CCTV called The Uttering Mind. Click here to see the pilot. 

We’d like to book the Phoenix Bookstore in Burlington for a gig with Jernigan Pontiac that helps promote my existence as a writer.

I hope you feel inspired to support our work. Please click here to find out more.

Oh, now here is a delightful thought on one of the longest days of the year.

The light in you is so beautiful. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

I now wish you a wonderful holiday.



A Being of Brilliance