We Are Sailing Again Soon

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Joy is with me when I tell you how well the dear storytelling show went on May tenth. I am so happy that many of you were there. Of course, it is so nerve wracking to deal with unpredictable tech issues but I managed to make the best of it.

I want you to see it. So, here is the movie of my story that Meghan O’Rourke filmed and Paul Schnabel narrated.

How about that?

Now, I have big news for you.

I have a new project that I want you following and supporting.

I want this person to come to Vermont.

Mark and Angie.jpg

Please find my campaign here.

Oh, you are all so wonderful.


Your Dear, Likeable, Fund Raising Friend

He, Cooly, Said "Yes!"

Hi Beloved Blog Readers,

I am so happy better weather is here. I said the snow was gone and boy was I wrong. I think the green days are about to fill our lives.

5 IntelligentMind-breakfast.jpg

I am so excited to say that I spoke with Paul Schnabel today. He lovingly and skillfully found a way to play my voice in my movie.

I asked him to be my voice for the story I will tell at our event on May tenth. I am delighted to work with him again.

He says Yes!.JPG

I am hopeful you will all be there. Click  here for details and tickets.

I am happy to think we will think big, very good thoughts and they will all very much come true.

Oh, happy days to you.

I am so happy you read this.



Your Date for May Tenth

7 MyFineVisionoftheGoodLife.jpg

The New Thing I'm Up To

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,


Joy is in the air as we move in to spring.

1 IaminHere-1.jpg

I am so happy to tell you that I am participating in a story telling event that is going to be delightful. I’m happy that I was encouraged by Elizabeth Sightler to write a story. I have never done a story for an event and I so look forward to it sharing the stage with ten others.

I’m really excited that our show will be at the Main Street Landing Film House. That is where I opened people’s eyes with my movie. Now, I will lovingly tell the story of how I was able to make my movie. I am totally loving this story telling process and hope to do more.

The theme of the stories is ‘Belonging.’ Emily made a ‘Belonging fairy.’ I love it.

I am really a big fan of the concept of thinking positive thoughts. These fairies assist people in doing that together.

I am happy to also tell you what a great nice thing it is to have the storms of winter behind.  If, however, it didn’t storm two weeks ago, I could not have gotten my story started. I needed the quiet of the snow to help bring the story out all at once.

I am so hopeful you will come to the show. It’s Thursday, May 10th at 7:00 with a cocktail hour at 6:00.

It’s a benefit for Champlain Community Services so it has a big ticket price of $25. It’s worth every penny.

I am wishing you lots of cool things and I am totally safely saying the snow is behind us.

Have fun.


The Weather Man