Having Moments of Connection with Ourselves

Dear Readers,

Oh, I am happy to report that I filmed the first episode of my talk show at CCTV last week. It was a nerve wracking blast. My guest was the wonderful Paul Schnabel. I fast discovered why he was a perfect guest and that is that he is so charming and real.

Oh, please take some time to watch it. Meghan did a great job speeding up my typing so the flow of my words is in high gear for a change.

I am hoping to interview Jernigan Pontiac next.

The other cool thing that has happened recently was a visit to Bridget Kerr’s “Horses and Healing” class at Saint Michael’s College. I was delighted to find how open the students were to who I am and what I have to say.

Yes, I did ask for comments on the quiz I gave in my previous blog post. Pleased they came with questions and yet no one took the bait on the quiz.

Please take a moment to review it and send me a line if you are inclined.

“I have a lot of light in me that I flood into spaces and I make sure to splash some on me.”
— Mark Utter at Saint Michael's College

On a cosmic note, please hold the idea that we are in some wacky energy times and can only get through by talking clearly and dearly to our selves. Oh, it is hard to do but I think you know how important it is. I am thinking about how much light is in all of us. Splash away.

As the saying goes “the more you love the more you will be loved.”

On we go.



Your Friend Who Loves You