Trainings for Good Living

Dear Dedicated Blog Readers,

I am aware that I am working on some big ideas that will be fun to start sharing with you.

You all know I love good communication and people being joyful. I am very excited about a conversation I had with the YMCA’s Aquatic Department. I was supposed to show the movie but fate had another plan. 

So, I gave them another program. I am so delighted at how it turned out. My asking for the audience to share their thoughts and experiences really paid off as they were generous. Oh, it was good stuff. I am so interested in saying a few findings.

           I realize that many people are feeling lonely and super

I am also aware that it is hard to make the shift from thinking people are strange to thinking they are fabulously interesting.

I think that I am forward with my thinking and I think that easily we can address these things by having conversations with each other.  I want to keep leading those conversations.

I like making my talks fun by totally connecting with everyone in the room. I am thinking that the best way to add humor is to start off with fun gossip and things that surprise people as I really seem disconnected from that kind of stuff. When I do this I give them a good surprise. And we have a good time.

Oh, my friends love all there is in your life and love all that will come.



The Warrior of Love