On Horses, Diversity, and Love

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Oh it is great to know so many of you are enjoying this blog. Your comments have been great.

I am going to be doing a couple of talks in the next weeks so I will use writing to you as a way to develop some content.

Because I am a really odd person I am interested in the concept of diversity.

I am so aware of the fine line between “strange” and “interesting” and how we easily label some people one or the other.  Please know that we are all beautifully imperfect and I do this too with many people who are different. I have found that once people connect with my energy or my words or both they can let the “strange” adjective go and allow me to be fabulously “interesting.”

Ok, let’s do a quiz.

I want you to consider how easy it is to decide somebody is not like you.

Now think how easy it is to dislike yourself.

Please hold those thoughts for a moment.

Horse 6.png

I am certain you can adjust those thoughts with a soft feeling called love.

Oh I know it feels hard to consider the thought it very much depends just on love but it does. Love has a power we can employ. Please know there is much to be had when it is and energy shifts.

On a different note, horses are my totally favorite animal because they feel like super sensitive people. The world has as many of them as it has horses. They employ love to survive. Oh what soldiers of peace on earth they are.

Folks, love well.

The time is ripe for that.