Addressing an Old Stereotype and Opening Eyes

Dear Beloved Readers,

I went to the State Program Standing Committee for Developmental Services last week. I was moved to see a roomful of earnest people who are truly dedicated to finding ways to continue the movement of big changes in budgets forward rather than backwards.

I am someone who has been using services handled by this group for nearly all of my life. I always painted a dark picture in my mind of the people who were at the top.

I guess that is a natural response to what you don’t know. I am so glad I know otherwise and I hope to continue attending as I know my presence gives a great example of services working well.

I am really moved by the care I feel here. It is so heartening to see the way good people wrangle with a tough situation. I am in agreement with Anne and yes I think we need to give more specific actions.
— Mark Utter

Oh the world is slowly changing.

I give hope to the wretches in my life and the jabberers too. (Please click here if you don’t know what this refers to.)

I am feeling great hope for my life as I continue to make changes to move me more and more out into our world.

You all dearly deserve some light as it has been so gray out.

I smile with great sunshine to you.



The Wonder Man