Wonderful Communication Bridge

Hello Dear Readers,

I am really happy that I am working on a project with Emily’s Mom. I am thinking about it today because I am hoping to share a bit of that story with you.

The germ of this idea came from the mind of Larry Bissonnette. I know he told Emily a long time ago that the reason she was attracted to our form of communication was that it replicated a similar form she used with her Deaf grandparents.

I know she very much lights up when she interacts with anyone. The joy of crossing a communication bridge makes her shine.

Please look at this photo of her and the man who loved his dear granddaughter so much.

And here is a picture of him with his community of fingerspellers.

photo (11).jpg

I feel so fortunate that Emily and I have dared to keep stepping forward into an uncertain future. Our light just keeps getting brighter with beautiful radiant energy.

Oh, let me give you some now.

I am so aware of how love fits people so well when each person is open. You can find it when you think and feel using your heart.

It is good to know what you need to care for yourself. Gently learn it and live it.

Good luck.


Feeling Delighted