Wonderful Times in Innovative Venues

Dear Beloved Readers,                                                                                

I am delighted to tell you that I had a wonderful screening of my movie at The Bread and Puppet Theater.

The Paper Mache Cathedral

The Paper Mache Cathedral

It was the “aftershow” for an afternoon of wonderful performances in the glory of autumn in Vermont. I was awed to be in Peter’s Paper Mache Cathedral and love that Emily says it flooded one winter and she ice skated in it. Oh it is always so moving to be at the theater where Emily first came to work in Vermont

Emily and I are working on a project with a man named Jonathan Berger. He met the theater when he was 15 when he volunteered for one of their shows in New York City. He’s all grown up now and presently works as a professor of art at NYU and acts as a curator of their gallery at Washington Square Park.  I am so glad our interesting work is on his radar.

Mark and Jonathan at NYU

Mark and Jonathan at NYU

The project will be an exhibit about extraordinary work partners. I would like you to know this will give us amazing exposure and it will celebrate the power of love. Jonathan’s focus is not on romantic love but the other forms of it along with their equally transformative powers.

Please stay tuned for more.

I hope you have welcomed in October with a smile.



I am quite delighted that I will be a veteran now of performing in this location of history for the theater world.
– Mark Utter, Bread and Puppet, September 28, 2014