Yes! To New Work and New Beginnings.

Wonderful Readers,

Emily and I have a great working relationship. I am so proud that she calls me the replacement of her former work partner, John Creson, who she moved to Vermont with 25 years ago to work with the Bread and Puppet Theater.


I am really fortunate to have this fun and courageous woman working on artful heart filled communication projects. I also appreciate the fact that she has immense expectations of me. It gives me tons of room for my potential.

I would like you to know that I will be showing my movie at The Bread and Puppet Theater’s Farm in Glover on Sunday September 28th as part of their Annual Political Leaf Peeping Event.

I hope you will come.

I have some words of advice for all who are falling in love with someone or refreshing their zest for life.

Please relax, smile and let it unfold.

I so know that is the way it works best.



Warrior of Good Living