Wanting Open Hearts

I am thinking these days how much love there is in the world.  But, on so many minds is confusion and fear. If only we could brighten the way to people’s hearts life would open more pleasurably.

I think we don’t need to feel as lost as we do.

I am always so surprised how people talk and feel not so much what they declare. I urge you to give it a try. On the count of three I would love for you to say “Good morning.” and feel what that means. Today you might ask easily why the feeling you have is one way and another day a different way.

Oh, love is best if you get very used to it in your heart and then find it in others. It is beautiful when two people find it in each other and it has the same feel. I do not see that as much as I think is possible. I hope to see it more.

I am delighted that we have so much open light in our hearts to share.

Please do.

I also think the asking for love starts with you of yourself.

Thank you.


The Delightful