The Hopping Time for Artists in Burlington

Dear Good Readers,

I am so excited to tell you that the Vermont International Film Festival will be showing our film along with all the other award winners at the VCAM Art Hop party on Friday September 5th and the following day in the afternoon.


It will be a blast and it will let people know we want to do screenings and Q and As. If you want a cool presentation for a school, company or organization you work for please be in touch with Emily.

Please also know that our DVD sale is still on and if you act today there is a very good chance that you’ll get a present from us.

In a totally different vein of thought I want to commend Emily for her new enterprise. It is a band of fairies she is sharing with the world. This wonderful project has been brought to life by her creative imagination and dragged into the light by a talented friend named Stephanie Salmon.I am excited for her and hope you check out her work and her growing web site.

The world turns on its own accord but our lives depend on money passing through our hands and financing our basic needs and important projects. I wish us all success in this realm.

Send us a few success stories if you want and good advice.

Thank you for reading and thinking good thoughts.

Your fellow energetic heart,


The Utter Otter