The Doors of Opportunity

Dear New and Devoted Readers,

I am delighted to announce that we are reducing the price of the “I am in here.” to $15. I think you will love having one.  Not only will you be supporting our work but you’ll also be able to share my message of communication and inclusion with the people in your life. 

Here is an offer to entice you. The first 16 people to place an order will receive a complimentary booklet of my memorable quotes from post screening Q and As. On the home page of this web site is a favorite picture of me transformed by NorthLand Design and Construction. On the booklet is this same picture painted by Sarah Jacobs the graduating high school student we worked with last year.

On a more fun note I want to talk about the benefits of dear, easy thinking as it is so important to do and doesn’t cost a penny.

I want also to talk about this shift back into school and how filled the air is with this transitional energy. I felt it strongly at my first day back at work as a dishwasher at Champlain College. I am making changes in my life to create the life I feel will support my writing career. This surge in energy to helps me push through the fear of not knowing and to implement the new ideas a big decision can provide.

I wish all of you the dear, joy of trying this in your life.

We will all easily say “Yes, we did it.”

With fondness


The Big Door Opener

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