Identity, Love, and Occupation

Joyful New Year to all you Dear Readers!

Oh, I am delighted to be at the beginning of this great new year. I think so much good shall come in it.

I so believe how good it is to be doing something fun on New Year’s Eve that supports you moving into your wishes for the new year. I went out on the town. I “First Nighted” with a couple of friends.  Easily we moved from one event to the next. Our locations were an old fire station, a bookstore, a church and the majestic Flynn. I took in movies, Jernigan’s lovely good cab tales and our dear Kat Wright and her talented crew. Oh, we saw lots of friends who wished us all well.

I am really excited to declare, Good Readers, that I started to see a therapist today. I have been allowing myself to move into adulthood now that my Mother has moved on. As you most likely well know that is a time of life that holds much complex thoughts about identity, love and occupation. I am really looking forward to addressing these questions really truthfully with this therapist and one of my new man friends.

It sure is scary but I have been watching Emily do this for three years so I know it works. I would love for you to read her latest blog. It is really cool to see how she is growing in her life and work.

Oh, here are some words of wisdom for the New Year.

One day, one smile, one little gesture of kindness all keeps dearly moving us forward to a lovely place of success.

One sun

Many soldiers of love



Warrior of the Good Life.