Work Summit at a House Called Swamper

Dear Dedicated Blog Readers,

I am so delighted to tell you that I am working on some new goals for this still brand new year. I and some of my closest work colleagues are having a work day at a house called the “Swamper”.  It is here that Jonathan Berger feels all meetings about my work should take place.

I am going to focus my energy this year on four things. I most definitely want to move forward with the TV show and evolve it into the image we created today. I also want to keep working on my opportunities to reach others and have good talks.  Oh yes, this needs good management so a Board of Directors will help. I also want to deal with my real life stuff of travel to California to attend the Institute for Communication’s Summer Institute and my NYU gig for Jonathan. Lastly, I want to address home life for me and other issues close to my heart.

I am happy to say I had a team meeting at the HowardCenter on Tuesday and it easily was the best I have ever had. I feel I, so much more than ever, live in my life and it comes from fearfully and lovingly living life forward one step at a time. If you embrace life with this attitude the fears fly away and the joyful love grows.

I am doing well and want to feel I share that with all of you.  I give you these words today as I end my work summit with my work partners.

Oh, we all have much to do and say and wonderful places to go. Let us go forward knowing it will all happen and even better than we can imagine.



The Warrior of Fears and Lover of Life.