Wacky Men on Words and Loving

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I want to let you know that I so love that you read this blog. It is one of the few opportunities I have to talk totally truly and it is the waste of my gift of gab that angers me most.

I am dearly aware of my shortcomings these days. Often I rise above them but I know it is imperative that I work through them and make peace with them. I will be stronger and able to declare more truthfully my belief that love is a good thing and will win.

Really excited that last week I had a great interview with Jernigan Pontiac for my TV show “The Uttering Mind”. Jernigan was an awesome guy to gab with. I joyfully hope you will take a look at it.

Oh, I also want to let you know that I am now half a century young. I made this toast at the wild wonderful party my family threw for me. Here it is.

Dear friends and family, Thank you for coming to my party! It is lovely to see you all here and I hope you all have a fabulous time kicking up your heels and filling your bellies. Let’s make a toast properly to each one of us loving ourselves completely, making new and exciting discoveries and really kind relationships. Cheers! Let’s live long and prosper.”

I am on a roll to finding who I am and I know you all are too.

Let’s hear it for life and the pursuit of purpose and happiness.



The Funny Man who is Your Friend