The Agent of Future Days Happy and Hopeful

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

It has been a sad few days for me. I sometimes worry about the future and what will happen to me. I think I am not alone in this so I feel less alone when it happens. Under that thought lies hope and community. Oh, I am working through not knowing some key things.  So happiness is returning.

I am interested in changing the world with my unique perspective gained from years of watching others. I have often noticed that openness is essential to human connection but people hide behind their fears.

I hide behind my fears too but a lot of people don’t know that because they see me as incapable of holding complex emotional thoughts and impulses. I am actually a pretty complicated guy. Oh, not in a scary way.

I am on a unique path which was given to me by the celestial bodies. As I move forward in learning how to be myself and fit into society I am happy to know you are aware of my attempt to live a good life.

I just ran into Paul Schnabel at Muddy Waters. I love that guy. I feel so seen by him. I want to ask him to feel good about his upcoming show and I will feel good about my future.

The power of love in friendship is strong. When it is present in my life I can say that I am joyfully looking at the future. You very much can count on watching me continue to blossom.

I am going to leave you with this piece of advice.

You are beautiful. Enjoy Valentine’s Day.



The Humanist