The Search for New Energy

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I am really happy today.

We are definitely in a cold winter so it is easy to get down about things. I have been down but now I am committed to staying open and energized in my search for self love and life purpose. I am not sad anymore because I keep finding people who are struggling with the same problems I am. Oh how wonderful to wallow in self pity rather than the pity of others.

I am ecstatic about two trips I have recently done.

The first was to Montpelier, Vermont where I had a nice long talk with a group of AmeriCorps VISTAs who are just starting the second halves of their terms which are with a variety of organizations that work with vulnerable populations. I am one vulnerable person for sure but I know every person in the world has unprotected parts. It is nice when the time comes that allows a group of people to share who they are inside and what their struggles are. We had that on Friday and it was a delight.

I shared these words:

A month ago I turned 50 and stepped into the second half of my life. I know most of you here are about to step into the second halves of your AmeriCorps service stints. Oh, how happy I am to give you some advice from my vantage point.

I have to say that the excitement of something new is over. More present is the need to make something meaningful out of life and your experience here.

What are we going to do to address this?

Well, let’s hear some scenarios and goals.

And their experiences and commitments to finding new energy were what pushed me into my second half with joy and laughter.

I am very thankful to Robyn for providing this opportunity to address my winter blues with a room of brilliant souls.

Oh, yes, I do have words of advice for you dear friends.

The wise hawk says “The days are opening for us all.  So be ready to follow your dreams.”

Please smile.



The Articulate Heart