Wandering and Wondering in the Big Apple

Hello Blog Readers,

I hope you are doing well.

As promised, I will give you a taste of the second trip that gave me a new lease on life. 

I returned to New York City last week to talk with Jonathan Berger’s art students.  Oh, we had a grand time. I joined in on a conversation about letters Jonathan asked us to write our parents telling them why we want to be an artist. I loved meeting the four students whose letters were reviewed by me ahead of time. I had formed opinions about them that altered after I met them and heard more of their stories. I hope and know the same happened for all of the students of the class when we had our talk with each other.

Mark with Brian Merrill at an Indian Restaurant on 1st Ave

Mark with Brian Merrill at an Indian Restaurant on 1st Ave

I am really excited about the conversation we had after the break and want to share the words I presented them with.

As I said before I am so glad to be here.  I really want to know what helps you when you feel a bit doubtful about who you are and how you keep connected to your confidence. I would love for each of you to respond to that question and then share something you found really funny in the last week. Here's an example- I laughed hearing the wild ways Jonathan loves to connect everyone to everyone and everything.”

I astutely listened and they warmed my soul and made me feel I was not alone in my poor self esteem and self pity.

The event continued with a lot more discussion about my way of being human and here are some of my responses:

“I am a bit behind in being super together because I had to live two lives.  I now know, though, that people often have this same experience to a lesser or greater degree.”

“Oh, I am not a big reader but I gather information and highly encourage reading Dickens, Melville and O’Connor, please.  The Bard too”

I love words, want to play with them and meet other people with them including myself. The blog takes me into other people’s lives in a way I can, for the first time in my life, control.  Oh, I am so new at feeling who I am I don’t know where it will go.”

I had a great time taking in the city and eating interesting food. I am hopeful something will come from the meetings I had about my Board of Directors. I am looking forward to future warm days and hope we will find them soon.

As always, know you are beautiful.

Yours Truly,


The Prince of Astute Variations of Wondering What Life Will Bring

P.S.  If you want to see the letter I wrote please click here.