Waterfall of Dear Friend Moments

Dear Blog Readers,

I and Emily just had a wonderful visit with a friend. He is someone we met while in the process of raising money to make the movie I am in here.” I hold him so dearly as a good friend of my heart. I think we truly are brothers in spirit and anticipate we will be brothers for the rest of our long lives.

Here are some good moments we shared:

He was buying a pack of fairies from Emily so she gave him a Fairy Consultation and it was an awesome reading.

We did easy chatting about how we are connected by each of us going through life on a unique path that has brought us together.

I also had a Fairy Card Reading which is assisting me in accepting the gifts I have today. I am so thankful that I have access to dear friend moments.  I am thankful for the fairies of Emily’s world and want her to succeed with her plans to share them with the world.  I am thankful that I have more access to daily typing and am totally into writing this blog.

I want to give you some great advice.

Read Jernigan Pontiac’s “Hackie” column in the Seven Days if you don’t already!

He’s my brother and fellow fan of Bluebird Fairies.

If you want a taste of Jernigan right now, here is something he wrote in response to my blog posting last week:

“I am not ‘super together’ either! Perhaps for both of us, the process of writing is a way to simultaneously healing (unifying) our split selves, and sharing the journey with others.  And that sharing is an expression of love.

So, as we are ‘two peas in a pod’ (or as you put it ‘The Guys Who Spread Love Through Written Words’), I’m glad we met, became friends, and are able to help out each other with confidence in our journey.  Everyone needs a boost now and then!”

Please take a moment to send me a hello today as I am very needing peer support.

I am so happy you read this.



The Easy Warrior of Friendship