The Weather in Our Heart

Hello Beloved Blog Readers,

I am so happy to be writing today. 

Real heavy weather hit Vermont this week so many of us are a bit worn by the drama and energy expended. I hope if you are with us in our fine state you are healthy and well.

Oh, I do think these moments teach us things we need in the moment. 

I am thinking specifically about issues close to your heart wanting to be addressed. I think we all easily worry about our basic needs such as finding comfort for our bodies and the loved ones in our lives.  We all need places to sleep and good food to eat and things to create in the time we have on earth. 

I am thinking that a storm makes our lives in the moment. I would love for you to think about what gets very close to your heart when you are in the midst of extreme weather in our shared atmosphere. 

Yes, I am thinking too. 

Here is what I get:
I want a new vision of home to grow in the new year.

I want lovely, green, easy local food to eat.

I want to keep writing my thoughts to you and widening my audience.

I am eager for you to think as clearly as you can while the focus on returning to routine life is still happening. 

I am going to end with some words of inspiration.

Now is where you are and it holds you dearly if you allow it. 



The Big Believer