The Best of times and the Worst of Times

Dear Beloved Blog Readers

Joy needs to gather round us and support our efforts to find grace in these foul moments the President Elect has presented and as he makes decisions that do not honor the best wishes of many of us.

I urge you to find time during this Thanksgiving season to count your blessings.

I will share mine. Three, to be exact.

First, I am so thankful I was invited to present at the ICI Summer Institute which took place in Maryland. Many of you helped me raise the money to go. And, best of all, I met my new work friend and comrade. I just talked to her and she told me of all the people being transformed by my movie.

Secondly, the color for my t-shirts joyfully became a delightful pink. Here's one of my favorite men showing one off.

(Want a shirt?  Click here to order one.)

Lastly, I thank all of you for reading my blog.


The Smiling Wonder