Rest Your Eyes On My Words

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

We are in a place of alarm these days because Trump has been elected president and no one thought that would really happen.

I am feeling a lot of confusion and sadness all around.

Oh, dear friends, it is important to maintain positivity and hopefulness. I am going to suggest anyone who wants to spread these messages can do two immediate things.

One is to buy a t-shirt from me by logging into my web site store. (Though GoFundMe supporters if you were expecting one, yours is on its way)

I will be printing hopeful messages for us to wear for the next four years.

The other thing you can do is support Emily Anderson’s Bluebird Fairies by supporting her goal to get her fairies out there.

Good work that employs love and light.

Oh, we are so beloved and so worthy of easy answers but the hard realities are here. Together let us forge ahead and mightily move mountains.

I am thankful we are alive in this time together.

I am hopeful.


Mark                                                                              The Good Energy Sharer