The Leader Ship

I am totally excited you are reading this. How are you?

I have been having a blast sharing my life with my colleagues who have differences.

I am delighted to let you know I am now the vice president of my advocacy group and that I work with the leadership team to create the agendas and when necessary I run the meetings. I am also taking part in the Leadership Series that Green Mountain Self Advocates, Vermont Family Network and the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council run every year.

I am so happy that my friend Thomas is a part of this.

Here are my answers to 2 of the application questions for the Leadership Series that you might enjoy.

Q- Why are you interested in participating in this leadership training?

M- I want to be a leader and I need peers and mentors to support this process.  I also need to get out of the house on weekends and like staying in nice hotels.  So, this opportunity sounds like a merging of wonderful things.

Q- Tell us about a challenge you faced in your life and how you dealt with it.

M- I wanted people to know I was intelligent so I made a movie to prove it. 

During the long process and chapters of making it with an exciting crew of people I fell in love with the human condition. This quite surprised me but since we all struggle with that I feel more included than ever before.

I keep being amazed with life and all of us in it.

I hope the really great work we do together changes some lives.

On the first weekend which was last weekend in the Hilton Garden Hotel in Burlington I became friends with Chester Finn.

You can read more about him here. I am hopeful we will work together more.

I also want to look at how I can give you a beautiful hope for this holiday season.

I want all of you to think of 3 reasons you are thankful for what I write to you in this blog. If you write and report in on your findings I will send you a message.


Mark                                                                                Your Faithful Leader