Our Visions Pave the Roads to Our Futures

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I happily wish you a great New Year and want to give you one more resolution to easily adopt into your life. I want you to smile at least ten times a day. How will you keep track? Use your fingers. If you are still on one hand at 2:00pm, get your grin in gear.

Oh, folks, there’s so much wonderful stuff to report.

I am a mentor to the students in the program that Emily coordinates which is called The Bridging Program. It’s part of Champlain Community Services where I now receive my services. I told Emily once she would be pleasantly surprised at the next spot our work would bring us.

It is fun for me to work with these students. They are all different in one way or another like me so I feel a deep bond between me and every one of them. I meet with them every Wednesday and we have a discussion about a question or story I share with them.

Here is how I started yesterday:

I’m interested in finding a way for the students to get energized for making visions of their lives. I’m going to tell them a story about me when I was their age.

(the students arrive)

I am really happy to see you all.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Mark who everyone thought was wanting more brains in his empty head. I am that boy and I want to say that I had to work very hard to not accept the thoughts people had about me.

I know people can make positive changes in their lives by holding tight to who they know they truly are. I had to hold a picture of me in a gold dress and then work towards that.  It’s why I’m in a gold sultan’s robe at the end of my movie; I am in here.

Since I’m now in a position to create a new picture I want to inspire you to do the same. We will go slow.  Today, I ask “What color fills your picture?”  Think a joyful thought and notice what color is with it. Be open to the possibility of what comes into your mind.

I love Love Stories, so my color will be pink.

(Each student shares a “joyful thought” and the color they feel when they think it)

Thank you. We will playfully move forward with t
his life changing exercise.

I am really excited about this project and wonder what the outcomes will be. You never know with work like this. The sky is the limit.

I want to leave you grinning so please think of me in a fairy outfit finishing out the year by kicking your old demons back into last year.

Have a great day.



The Mentor of Minds