Wishing You a Wonder Filled Year

Hello and Happy New Year Dear Blog Readers,

I am so excited that our podcast was chosen to be included in the Atlantic Magazine’s best list of best podcasts for this year. It’s #38.

Erica is an incredible interviewer.

I know more great talking will happen with her.

Oh, here we go into another year.

On the asking to see thoughts I’d written last year at this time Emily showed me some conversations we had and my 2015 New Year’s blog.

I am so totally in a new place with so much excitement all around me. I am easily through the hardest parts of last year. What remains is the summary of it so I can truly move on. Here it is:

I had to think a lot about who I am and where I want to go with my life. I was frustrated a lot this year because I couldn’t find the way to get away from the sad state I was finding myself in and into the life I want to live.

It has given my life a tremendous boost to move my dear self to Champlain Community Services. Here, I am still getting off the ground in terms of what my daily life is like but the atmosphere here is absolutely awesome.

Please take a moment to hear my thoughts for the New Year.

·      I want to get Utter Communication Strategies up and moving.

·      I want projects getting designed and implemented.

·      I want work that suits my intelligence and shares my gifts.

I so know this will happen.

I give you a wish to bring to life your own passions. Maybe worth listening to some podcasts to get some energetic ideas flowing?

Out with the old in with the new!

Be well my friends.



The Bright New Man