Good Home for Friend Moments

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Hope your summer is being radiant.

I have made a new friend and he has a communication disability too. One good thing about difference is that when you discover someone who shares one with you it’s very wonderful. I and he had a great talk last week and the day was full of wonder.

Now first I must explain to you that Stuart is Deaf and yet has awesome skills for talking with and understanding “hearing” people. I think he is also a hugely smart person.

I drove up to the Northeast Kingdom with Emily and Brian to find him on the piece of land he farms on. It was downright delightful to spend time on the land he loves, eat really fun good food he prepared and talk and sit on the little bridge above the babbling brook he loves so much.

In a previous blog posting I had asked people for additions to my metaphor list.

Stuart had specifically invited me to his land to see his garden and the weeds gloriously growing all around it. “Ah” he said while we sat by the water “I think we so much are like weeds and normal folks are like cultivated plants.” He showed us a book called The Wild Wisdom of Weeds. In it the author talks about the amazing benefits of 13 very common weeds.

Oh, I think it’s healthy for us all to validate our inner weed.

Please really love yourself from the inside out.

I applaud your efforts so far.

Be great.



The Wise Weed in a Wise Meadow