The Honest Work for Justice

I am totally excited to tell you, Dear Blog Readers, that I was at my Supported Typing group this past month and I had a great topic to propose to the group. I wanted to know what they would suggest as a good movie to see that shows someone overcoming obstacles.

We who use this form of communication are still attacked often by hearing that there are many who find that there is not enough evidence to prove it is effective. I so hurt to see Tracy Thresher at the last State Standing Committee on Developmental Services when the issue of research based findings was discussed again.

He has been promoting this form of communication for over four years touring with the documentary he stars in; Wretches and Jabberers. I am so tired that this discussion keeps getting brought back up as I feel so many of us are living examples of what this form of communication does to release our minds.

I have just returned from a week at summer camp. You know this is not a holiday for me because I am eager to interact with people’s minds and I have to rely on smiling, blinking and hand gestures as my form of communication. Luckily some of the counselors at camp have seen my movie or read my blog so they know a lot more about my intelligence.

So at the Supported Typing group long-time typer and Tracy’s co-star Larry Bissonnette suggested I watch the movie Selma and I did last night.

Oh what a rough experience that was. It is a reminder that people can make huge ugly assumptions about others and let those dictate their actions.

Let us keep typing our voices and overcome these obstacles.

I hope you soaked up the good sun of the weekend.

Be well and be kind.


The Nice Mountain Climber