The Work is Now in Our Hands, Let’s Do It!

Dear Beloved Good Blog Readers,

Really great to be back before your eyes so soon again.

I left you with the task of coming up with a metaphor to guide us through the strange place that those of us in human services find ourselves these days.

People in positions of power have to make decisions that don’t make it easy for people like me to really explore who we are and what we have to give the world. Everyone has something yet our very over commercialized culture teaches us to want what we don’t have. I am afraid this makes us not care for ourselves. The people in power hoard resources and justify taking them from people they can easily brush off as inferior because they value life so unhealthily.

I am being super intense but I know my growing voice is needed.
My current easy task is to love now the great beautiful soul I am.

I dare you to welcome in your outer loveliness.

Until next time keep pausing for delightful moments.



Great Soap Box Orator in the Making