Wanting New

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I am really glad that you enjoyed Stuart’s metaphor for my sculpture. He is a great guy and I am so glad I can call him my friend.

I dearly hope a big change in my life will happen soon. I am moving from one service provider agency to another. I am not mad at the place I am leaving. They have been such a great home for me for so long.

I am really just ready to try something new in a new place. Is this familiar to you too? I know in the fairy tales people set off from home to seek their fortunes. That is what I am doing.

The goal is to get Utter Communication Strategies up and running with me doing movie screenings and talk backs and workshops on the topic of “difference”.

Oh, it will be great to be in business.

I am easily sending you good thoughts for good changes in your life.

What a great experience it can be.



The Seeker of New