Three Things Do I Tell Thee

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Joy is in the air my friends. I am so happy to be writing to you.

I am wanting to tell you three things:

1. I am being interviewed by Vermont PBS next month.

2. It is for the airing of my movie on Thursday April 11 at 7 pm.

3. I am sad to say that people are discrediting those of us who use FC (Facilitated Communication) again. I have been asked to say something about this from the perspective of someone for whom this is their best way to communicate complex thoughts.

Scene Prologue-2.jpg

“I am Mark Utter and instead of talking with my mouth I type to communicate. I have been doing this since the 1990s.  It was the writing of my personal experience with having communication obstacles that gave me an opportunity to truly engage with the world. I am wanting you to know that turning the story into a movie and raising money and getting the whole thing finished was all done using FC. I had been the man behind the facade and awful term of “nonverbal” and, now, people were engaging with me. I welcome people to watch my movie and join the 100s of people who read my blog.”             

- Mark Utter 

Please write me a line of good thoughts as this assault on FC has me down.

Joy is still in the air as I am writing to you.

Have free moments in nature.


Mark The FC Advocate

Courage Boot.jpg


Ancient Saying of Thank You

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I hope you are happy and well.

I very much thank you all for being a listening partner to my sharings with the world.

We are easily frightened by what we don't know.

You might see me on the street and some of you do and you easily say things to me. What I can't do in those moments is say the smart things in my head.

I am easily one loving big sharer of good working energy. I have thoughts that connect to that which I hope to share more with the world. We connect in this blog over these thoughts.

Me and Thomas take a holiday trip..jpg

Oh, want to wish us all good things.

And to, now, make this work I want to inspire you to think of what good things you require and desire.

You will need to think for a minute in silence to hear your inner voice.

 Wacky requests of the universe are welcome.

I am going to encourage you to write these on paper. That is what Emily and I do every year for each other.

Happy New Year everyone!



The Thankful Blog Writer

Up with Thanking for All the Good Giving

Hi Dear Blog Readers,

Joy for the nation is here as we make time to give thanks for all that we now have.


Joy is with me as I thank all of you who supported my efforts to bring Angie Sylas here to assess my communication supports. That week was a true joy in my life. For the icing on the cake of that time I officiated Emily and Brian's wedding. Another great outcome of this time are my meetings with Rowan another young wise typer. We are working on a list of things that are not working in our lives so can improve them.

Mark and Rowan 9.27.jpg

My focus in life now is in improving my life. The assistant for that is a project with Jonathan Berger. You will hear more about this when there is more to say.

Oh, I would most definitely like to share these thoughts with you.

Do smile a lot.

Find joy and magic everywhere.


Mark The Thoughtful Thankful One