Three Things Do I Tell Thee

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Joy is in the air my friends. I am so happy to be writing to you.

I am wanting to tell you three things:

1. I am being interviewed by Vermont PBS next month.

2. It is for the airing of my movie on Thursday April 11 at 7 pm.

3. I am sad to say that people are discrediting those of us who use FC (Facilitated Communication) again. I have been asked to say something about this from the perspective of someone for whom this is their best way to communicate complex thoughts.

Scene Prologue-2.jpg

“I am Mark Utter and instead of talking with my mouth I type to communicate. I have been doing this since the 1990s.  It was the writing of my personal experience with having communication obstacles that gave me an opportunity to truly engage with the world. I am wanting you to know that turning the story into a movie and raising money and getting the whole thing finished was all done using FC. I had been the man behind the facade and awful term of “nonverbal” and, now, people were engaging with me. I welcome people to watch my movie and join the 100s of people who read my blog.”             

- Mark Utter 

Please write me a line of good thoughts as this assault on FC has me down.

Joy is still in the air as I am writing to you.

Have free moments in nature.


Mark The FC Advocate

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