Up with Thanking for All the Good Giving

Hi Dear Blog Readers,

Joy for the nation is here as we make time to give thanks for all that we now have.


Joy is with me as I thank all of you who supported my efforts to bring Angie Sylas here to assess my communication supports. That week was a true joy in my life. For the icing on the cake of that time I officiated Emily and Brian's wedding. Another great outcome of this time are my meetings with Rowan another young wise typer. We are working on a list of things that are not working in our lives so can improve them.

Mark and Rowan 9.27.jpg

My focus in life now is in improving my life. The assistant for that is a project with Jonathan Berger. You will hear more about this when there is more to say.

Oh, I would most definitely like to share these thoughts with you.

Do smile a lot.

Find joy and magic everywhere.


Mark The Thoughtful Thankful One