I am Ready to Talk with the Powers That Be

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

spring almost.jpg

I am really happy today to say that we are now over half way to Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere.

I am finding things happening in my world to be hopeful but other things are distressing.

I want to share my wish, in answer to Secretary Hasan of Champlain Voices (my advocacy group).

Hasan- What kind of opportunity would you like to get?

Mark- I want to gather the great thinkers of the world so I can advise them on combating the illness of greed for money and power. I think that the solution is to give everyone the sole responsibility to really live in harmony with the world and all life on it.

Do you want to help me get there?

Then let’s go!

Mark and Thomas state house.jpg

I know Thomas is on board.



Gatherer of Big Thinkers