I Wish You a Very Great New Year

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I am happy to say we survived the year. Unfortunately the tax bill did too. We are going to need to band together to survive it.

I want to move to a better topic; my End of the Year Prayer.

Mark and Angel.jpg

Oh Goddess of Delight, thank you for holding a light out for us to find our way. Now, we can see your big wishes and honor our people so lovely in their work to make life better for all. Easily might we work to continue to do this in the new year.

I want to flourish in the coming year and I want you too.

I have really enjoyed my day writing emails to friends and want you all to feel wrapped in my gratitude for your connection to my thinking mind.

I am finding my communication joyfully getting wider which was my wish last year.

Finding even more will be what makes my 2018 awesome.

Easy minds and thoughtful words. I wish these for you.


I so think so much good is happening soon. I am waiting for the good big insights to love us into a better place.


Mark                                                                  Marvelous Maker of Manifestations