I am So Excited and Hopeful

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Joy is all around you. Very green it is now finally becoming. I hope this is raising your spirits like it is mine.

In your minds I have been very much sharing some of my struggles with communication support in my life. Joy is very much returning as the finding of good communication support for me is on the horizon.

Also, I wrote before of a new project connected to the Generator Maker Space. I just found a happy foundational team for it. I am really thinking that we will move things forward. It shall be called 'The Very Hopeful Sip of Fresh Air and Good Ideas' for the time being. The highlight today was getting Michael Metz and Pascal Cheng together after many years.

Michael and Pascal.jpg

They easily caught up and got down to business with Maker Planning Man, Brian Merrill.

You will gladly think happy thoughts as this grows and you see where it goes. I so want to share some more good thinking about it but we are still forming its focus.

I am going to shift gears now and see what I can say about the climate of the mind when it is calling a good project into being. I declare it needs to be open and easy and happy. I am so easy that it's making my typing fussy in getting out.
Oh, so much fine fun is soon to come.

I look forward to sharing more.

Good day!


The Big Picture Guy