Working Things Out with a Little Help from My Friends

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I hope you are enjoying spring's arrival.

I am always happy when people write me and connect with me about what I share in my blogs. I have a great friend who is the director of Disability Rights Vermont. His name is Ed Paquin. Here is the exchange we just had:

Dear Mark,

I just read your latest blog post and would like to know more about what plans you are making and whether this is an entirely new direction for you. Depending on what your ideas are, I may be able to suggest venues for presentation.

 I also wondered about how things are going with your efforts to find new communication support as Emily takes on other projects. That was a big issue when you presented at Disability Awareness Day and I hope that you are making progress! 

All My Best! Ed


Dear Ed 

Thanks so much for your email.

I want to clarify that the workshops I do will continue to contain humor but I will be more intentional with it. Do want to get your thoughts about possible venues.

As for the shift caused by Emily starting to fade her level of support there has been a necessary addition added to her life. She is going to become a trained coach that can be working directly with staff learning to communicate with me.

I am able to pay her for the time she is with me but need to find $600 for training her. So if you know of a source let me know.

I am thankful for our friendship.




I just had a meeting today with Thomas with whom I want to collaborate on making and delivering this workshop. We’re a great team. Oh, I should say a super team as our carefully tailored coats will soon show.

I want you all to think of something you want to find and get serious about stooping low and looking high to find it.

Want the best for all of you.


Mark                                                                   The Super Advocate