I Am Taking a Big Step

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

How are you doing and how are you advancing with your nearly New Year’s Resolutions? I hope you find yourself moving forward with the necessary energy to complete them.

I know on these darker days it is really hard to keep up morale so that the energy for change can work its magic. I am in the midst of a big change that will grow over the next season.

I am interested in how the people who find my words helpful say kind things that make my life feel useful. I am so dearly wanting to continue finding my way to connect effectively with all of you and of course new people too.

I can no longer focus on having just one good facilitator for my communication as it is impractical to be dependent on one person as they might need to do other things with their life. That's why I want to grow my circle of communication support. I need all the people in my life who play supportive roles to type with me.

How does one make this happen? I just read my Aquarian horoscope. "I know what I want and I know how to glide it into my life." is the magic mantra I am working with and I think it will work for you too.

I think you will make it through your resolutions this year.

I am hopeful I will make it too.
I am taking all this wonderful snow to the new life I am creating to fill it with cool beautiful light.

Lots of fondness to you,
The Glider of Dreams