You Know You’re Famous When You Share Anything with Shakespeare

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I am delighted to let you know that Bernie Sanders wasn’t the only Vermonter on the minds of folks in Michigan last week.

My movie “I am in here.” was shown by VSA Michigan in the Cinema Detroit.

Here are the words I wrote to precede the screening:

I am so excited you are about to see a movie I brought to life 3 years ago on March 13th. I am a big Shakespeare fan so I steered my premiere away from the “Ides of March” which is today, the 15th.  It was an auspicious day; especially for Caesar.

On this day, I hope, for you, that your eyes and/or ears will be opened to the idea that a person may have a lot more going on in his head than you think. I was walking around for years having people talk to me like I was a child. This truly drove me mad. It’s not anger that lives in me, but a desire to bring people together to communicate.

You come from so many backgrounds. People with autism and their families. People who make cider like we do in Vermont. People who are blind and visually impaired. And people who just took a chance to check out this Indie movie.

Thank you for being here. I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

Then they saw the movie and heard more of my thoughts:

I am so thankful you saw my movie.

There are copies available here to benefit VSA Michigan and more at my web site to benefit my business.

Please go there and learn more about me and sign up for my blog. Heads up - I’ll be writing about this gig in my next posting and would love to share comments you send me about your experience tonight.

Thank you and have a wonderful night.

Here are a few of the comments I received:

  • A person on a board of an Agency for Developmental Services said her “eyes had been opened.” she said “We need to rethink some of our policies.”
  • A woman who is blind said “I connect with your movie’s message that people get stuck looking at what’s on the outside instead of really finding out who a person is on the inside. Often, I feel people treat me like I’m stupid.”
  • I love that several people commented that the actor playing my “Intelligent Mind” was costumed as I’d really like to look.  That’s true. 
  • Susan Fitzmaurice, our host at VSA Michigan and organizer of the event, said "We consider this screening to be very successful. Change will happen on account of it. Bravo!: 


Long projects are growing. I have registered my business, Utter Communication Strategies, with the state and my business account at Opportunities Credit Union has been opened.

Oh, in the hopes of the growing light I wish you the best luck for all endeavors.



Working for Change, Like Bernie