Super Star Angie Sylas

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,


I am happy that I am writing you this today. I have been out of touch for a bit.

I am so happy to declare that I am also back in touch with an important colleague of mine and she is doing great work in her dual master’s degree program.

Mark and Angie Zoom 11.2.jpg

The really wonderful thing she told me is she wants to plug away so she can overhaul disability services. I am so glad to hear that and plan to be a part of her movement.

I am doing pretty poorly these days. I had great hopes for my new staff and I am sensing I need to have hopes that the next wonderful person who comes into my life can really take on the chance of a lifetime to make a big difference in someone’s life.

Want you thinking great thoughts and hopes for us all.

And has that gotten you down?

Ask yourself and joyfully listen to the answer.

Then ask yourself where you feel stuck and I will send good energy where joy is needed.

Want to end with a joke:

Q- Where did the doctor leave hope?

A- In the patients.

Keep holding the faith folks.



Your Tried and True Friend






Easy Access to the Governor

Dear Friends,

I had a great visit to the State Standing Committee for Developmental Disabilities. I am happy to say that the Governor and Secretary of Human Services were there. Wacky wonders abound whenever our Commissioner Hutt is with us too. She speaks our language and thinks clearly and with passion.

Mark and Max          "I'm thinking that autism is truly a beautiful spectrum." - Mark Utter

Mark and Max          "I'm thinking that autism is truly a beautiful spectrum." - Mark Utter

Want to thank Max Barrows for focusing on a lot of good ways the Governor has showed interest and support for people who use facilitated communication. I’m really glad that Secretary Al Gobeille thinks it opens doors to people’s minds.

The true exciting moment for me was saying this to everyone:

"Fellow unique beings. A long time ago people like us were considered the wise people of a community. Now we are just finding our way back into communities after being hidden away for many years. The task at hand is for everyone to surrender their wishes for perfection and embrace our different ways of being human."

It resonated with everyone in that airy light filled state office conference room.

I am happy Max and I connected afterwards.

The wonders of peer support.

Delight in your lives, my friends.


Mark                                                                                  The Speech Maker

The Times Are Changing

Dear Beloved Blog Readers.

Hi. I am happy to be writing to you.

I’m being totally honest when I say that I’m really excited about the end of summer. The upcoming year is going to be awesome.

change of season.jpg

I am delighted to declare that I’m going to see what only seems to be a fine line but is so much longer and wider than that.

Want me to clarify that?

Well here is the image. I am standing on the starting line with a new communication partner. It joyfully feels like a good match.

Not a fine line.jpg

The great thing is these relationships grow slowly. The fun thing is this is what happens in real life. The true road to really including people with disabilities is one that allows as many true life experiences to happen.

Work relationships are ‘typing dependent’ for me. I do not express myself truthfully with my voice.

So here we go joyfully forward.

Thanks for all your great thinking and sharing of comments about my writings.



The Real Life Guy