The Times Are Changing

Dear Beloved Blog Readers.

Hi. I am happy to be writing to you.

I’m being totally honest when I say that I’m really excited about the end of summer. The upcoming year is going to be awesome.

change of season.jpg

I am delighted to declare that I’m going to see what only seems to be a fine line but is so much longer and wider than that.

Want me to clarify that?

Well here is the image. I am standing on the starting line with a new communication partner. It joyfully feels like a good match.

Not a fine line.jpg

The great thing is these relationships grow slowly. The fun thing is this is what happens in real life. The true road to really including people with disabilities is one that allows as many true life experiences to happen.

Work relationships are ‘typing dependent’ for me. I do not express myself truthfully with my voice.

So here we go joyfully forward.

Thanks for all your great thinking and sharing of comments about my writings.



The Real Life Guy

The Good News

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

The summer we expected to have has not gone as I thought it would. Joy is coming.

I have some fun big news that just is none of my business but I will share it with you.

I want to declare that my long time communication supporter is getting married. I am somewhat the accomplice of this happy story as I have assisted Emily in changing what was not working in her life while she assisted me in connecting with the people who assisted me to make my movie. We are mentors to each other.

I’m totally excited for Emily and Brian. I’m thinking of all that will come from this incredible couple.

I am, of course, interested in officiating the wedding when it happens.

Really great weather is on the way.

Go have some fun. I am.


The Marrying Man

The Joy of Working on Communication Projects

Dear Blog Readers,

I am really excited that I saw Temple Grandin last Tuesday.

I am totally a fan of hers and think writing more about happy ways to connect her work with mine would be good.

Want to focus today on this new project that is working its way into reality.

I'm thinking that the work I most need to do is to find ways to get people to know that there are so many ways to get an idea out into the world. I smile a lot and laugh and so much is conveyed by that. The fun thing is that most of that is really true. The hard thing is that not everything can be shared that way.

I need a method that allows details to emerge. The form of communication I am using right now hopefully conveys that if I am properly working with my communication supporters.

I get in ruts where I do not write what I mean so then the communication method does not work and things totally get confused. I am finding this happens a lot with people who are new at typing with me.

The project I am working on is going to highlight the wonderful experiences of truly connecting. It will share the struggles many of us have and the joys when we overcome them.

I am so happy it is summer.

I know things will keep happening.

I am totally excited to see what happens.

The way is with water and words.

So go forth flowing.



The Right Way Traveling Man