My Big Epiphany About My Rights



Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I am really excited about a topic that came up at the most recent State Program Standing Committee for Developmental Services. Oh, it’s big, so please sit down.

I am not my own guardian and I want to change this.

I have as many rights in this predicament as a convicted prisoner in jail. Please picture what this must feel like. It kind of doesn’t make sense to many of you who have only met my mind.

I do have a body that doesn’t always follow good directions. So I’d need to practice using Supported Decision Making skills and using my typed words versus my often misleading vocal words would be mandatory.

Roy Gerstenberger

Roy Gerstenberger

I want to thank Roy Gerstenberger, our new Director of Developmental Disabilities for the State of Vermont, for putting this idea in my head.

Barbara Prine, a lawyer from Vermont Legal Aid described how she works with her clients and their guardians to slowly shift the power of autonomy into the hands of the formerly guarded one. I know Green Mountain Self Advocates will cheer my process on.

Joyfully send good energy my way and I’ll let you know where I am on this in a few months.

On a different note, I want to celebrate the fact that the groundhog did not see its shadow, so spring will come soon. After we get some joyful snowstorms, of course.

I hope you’re getting plenty of rest this winter.

I also hope you keep writing your thoughts to me at

Oh, keep smelling the flowers in your heart's dooryard.



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