The Treasures of Sailing

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Hope your summers are shining brightly.

On June 29th I had my one-year anniversary for my blog posting. I want to thank Larry Bissonnette and Ibby Grace who inspired me as they are articulate intelligent writers who have autism. Please check out their work when you have a moment. Also, please send me a fine line about how you find my words assisting you. My goal is to enlighten and inspire.

I am going through some interesting times that are best illustrated by the boat ride I went on yesterday. Oh, I was unsettled by the tipping it did. Sometimes one side was high as the other was low. On the easy Vermont side of the lake was Burlington whose firm shores I wished to be on. I could see the soft mountains of the Adirondacks dearly distant. Oh, I knew right where we all were. Over a deep, deep lake filled with water.

I don’t like getting out of the shallow end of pools so this sailing excitement deserves bravery I never knew I had. Yes, my face shows my fear and yet my heart leaps with joy just like when Pascal Cheng introduced me to typing with support.

Oh, want to tell you that the captain of our small vessel had just finished a transatlantic voyage. I was so impressed to hear that.

Dear readers, allow your selves to wander into new waters.

It’s so good for our minds and souls.

Please also jot a fearless few wishes down and let them grow for the rest of the month.

On we go.



The Middle Aged Man and the Lake