Summer Dreams

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Oh, I am so happy it is summer. I am someone who does love the heat and I think things get a lot more developed in this season. That’s why I wanted to film my movie in the summer.

It is the time to get things done. I say this and feel it. Please take toll of your wishes. I am too.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating our G.R.A.C.E. (Grass Roots Art and Community Effort) connections by attending Larry Bissonnette’s exhibit at the Flynn’s Gallery. Then we’ll go in the basement to the Flynnspace to see movies that gracefully connect us. 

Hope you can come.

Larry and I will take questions afterwards.

I am sure it will be interesting.

On the night before a friend of mine, named Liam, is going to show my film at Ohio State University. 

His mom is doing an awesome job sharing our stories about using Supported Typing. I send you a big thanks, Audrey.

I am now ready to share my words to precede the screening of both:

I am Mark Utter and I wrote and starred in the film you are about to see. Aside from the fact that I am not a custodian and a few other things I altered to assist the plot you’ll see that my life was fairly typical for someone with a general 1960s diagnosis of “mental retardation”.

I was lucky to be introduced to supported typing and happily found a great facilitator who assisted this creative project to get off the ground.

I am now in a totally different place in my mind and working to change things in my life.

In the process of making this film I learned so much about how projects get done. Now I’m working on getting a business created so I can make a lot of projects happen.

You can learn more about what has happened since I made this film by reading my blog on my web site.

I also have DVDs for sale in the store at my website.

Oh, send me a comment too.

I am now sending out a prayer for your good summer.

Please know it will all happen.

Totally know that.



The Summer Monk of Dreams