Past Sad Stuff, Present Good, Future Magic

Dear Blog Readers,

It has been one year since my dear Mother died from a fall she had when she returned home after seeing a screening of my movie in Shelburne. I was feeling a little out of sorts about that so I asked Emily to give me a fairy card reading. I thought it was so “right on” I decided to share it with you.

Past, Present and Future is the lens I wanted and here is how it unfolded.

I picked this guy as the Past.

and when Emily asked me how he resonated with me I said.

“Oh I love him and my “mom hole” is filled by him.”

And she said.

“Yes, I think he flew into that hole last year and has been with you through thick and thin.”

The Present Fairy was this wise woman.

My response about resonance was

“I think when I look too hard for solutions I do some grabbing. My hopes are really enough and knowing that leaves more room for magic.  I am running many scenarios for my future through my head these days and know what grows into being will be more awesome than I can imagine. I do find it hard not to cling tight sometimes.”

I received the awesomest Fairy for the Future.

How cool is she for a guy like me? This is what I said to Emily about her.

“I love that.

I think it will be dear.

I think it will be clear.

I think it will really change a lot of lives.”

And, now, for each of those lines I will give easy examples.

I loved getting this Fairy for My Future because as much as I fear the thought of what I am accustomed to leaving, I welcome new levels of responsibility.

I have had a wonderful time working on my movie, my writing and, now, Utter Communication Strategies (UCS).  If work continues down the same road it will clearly be dear.

I, also, believe it will unfold neatly. I’m doubtful it will be free of problems but, mostly, I think they will be good problems.

UCS is meant to give alternatives to people wanting to change some of their ways of being communicators. I think many could benefit.

Please consider reading fairies with Emily one of these days.

I wish the best to you all.



The Whole Man with Fairies All Around