The Key to Open the Door

Good Day, Dear Blog Readers,

I am delighted to be writing to you.  Today I am confident about the future because Vermont is blooming.

I had a wonderful vacation last week.  I visited a round house in the country and enjoyed lots of awesome meals and really great conversations and wonderful naps and hopeful visions of ways I might like to organize my life in the future. 

I am really so confident today because of a new law the Feds passed that will allow people with disabilities to have bank accounts.

The law is called The A.B.L.E Act and its initials stand for Achieving a Better Life Experience.  Right now I can't pursue a career in giving inspirational speeches, writing or showing my movie in schools.  You may not know that people with disabilities cannot make more than a certain amount of money before their services are affected.  This keeps people in poverty.  I will never not need services but I would like the opportunity to make money and get taxed like everyone else. We all deserve a chance to pursue the dreams we have for our lives. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) opened this door for us 25 years ago.  The A.B.L.E. Act gives us our own key. 

Spring Flowers-Key to Door.jpg

The joy of warm days is here.

See my wishes in the clouds and yours in the flowers.

Have fun and I will too.

Thanks for being the best YOU you can be.



The Good Money Maker