Really Radiant Days Are Ahead

Dear Beloved Readers,

I am really excited that I am now receiving services at Champlain Community Services (CCS). It is a great move for me and I think this agency is going to benefit as well. I guess this sounds a bit presumptuous but I have been waiting a long time to get my life moving forward so giving myself this big praise feels healthy.

I have some cool things to announce.

On October 22 I presented a workshop for APSE; the Association for People Supporting Employment. This national organization has a chapter in Vermont which is chaired by Michelle Paya. Michelle created the Supported Self-Employment Program at CCS which I'll use to move forward with Utter Communication Strategies

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with people about having people with disabilities out in the work force. I opened with this remark.

I am Mark Utter.

I have a disability and I need assistance for many things in my life such as typing the thoughts I can’t say and prompts for my body which has a mind of its own.

I hold the esteemed history of working as a dishwasher at Sodexo for 15 years.

This makes a lot of people happy and I have to admit that I am dearly beloved there though I don’t feel people know I am much more than so many people see me as.

This is something I want to change so I am really glad I am here to have a conversation with you.

I made a movie about my life a few years ago.

In it I show my life and things I wanted to give my inside scoop on.

I did a scathing critique on a yearly award ceremony that was fictional but believable.

I want to share that and then I will ask a few questions and well see what happens next.

Here is how I addressed them afterwards.

I think what you do is awesome and the special ways we fit into the work force is the way to go to welcome our form of diversity into the mainstream of life. I know many of you strive to make interesting and meaningful good employment places.

I want to hear a few comments about what this scene feels like.

The scene totally hit home with them in a good way.

I loved all that they said.

I ended with this hopeful comment.

I am dearly hopeful about all our work endeavors and wish us all the best growing we need to do it and dearly look forward to our assured success my dear friends, colleagues and coworkers.

Really great that I had that chance.

I dearly look forward to all I am going to do here at CCS.



The Dear Worker for Change