Reaching Up Through Key and Letter Boards to a Brighter Life

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

Good autumn wonders are all around us.

You must be thinking I forgot you since it has been a while.

I am going to tell you a bit about my trip to the AutCom conference I attended last month in Manchester, New Hampshire. I so enjoyed hanging out with other autistic minded folks. I was excited about the address I gave my workshop participants. They asked me great questions about my gaining experience typing.

Here are my answers for some:

Q- When did you start using FC?

M- It was not really so much a start as much as a very slow rolling ball started down the path to communication.

Q- How did your life change when you created your movie?

M- I was outed as an intelligent man.

Q- I can imagine it was nerve wracking to share your artistic work with others.  Did you have to overcome some anxiety about doing that?

M- I was so needing this change and the whole long many-year process bringing the movie to life very much rose over any artistic anxiety.

Q- Do you feel like you have like-minded friends and when did you get them?

M- Oh what a smart wise question, Graciela, I don’t think I had like-minded friends when I was your age but through my movie I gained my first friends both autistic and not.

Oh, Graciela is a fine thinker and shares the big communication impasse I do. We can’t share the thoughts rolling through our big minds with our voices. We need access to typing and methods that control our focus so we can select the letters we want and build logical, beautiful sentences. I am pleased to let you know that Graciela has joyfully stepped into the limelight with her blog, Love for you to check it out and convince her to write more.

I want to thank you for having fortunate moments to check out lost minds yearning for connection.

Hope to be in touch soon with more happy reports.



The Sailor of Hopeful Dear Seas