The New Thing I'm Up To

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,


Joy is in the air as we move in to spring.

1 IaminHere-1.jpg

I am so happy to tell you that I am participating in a story telling event that is going to be delightful. I’m happy that I was encouraged by Elizabeth Sightler to write a story. I have never done a story for an event and I so look forward to it sharing the stage with ten others.

I’m really excited that our show will be at the Main Street Landing Film House. That is where I opened people’s eyes with my movie. Now, I will lovingly tell the story of how I was able to make my movie. I am totally loving this story telling process and hope to do more.

The theme of the stories is ‘Belonging.’ Emily made a ‘Belonging fairy.’ I love it.

I am really a big fan of the concept of thinking positive thoughts. These fairies assist people in doing that together.

I am happy to also tell you what a great nice thing it is to have the storms of winter behind.  If, however, it didn’t storm two weeks ago, I could not have gotten my story started. I needed the quiet of the snow to help bring the story out all at once.

I am so hopeful you will come to the show. It’s Thursday, May 10th at 7:00 with a cocktail hour at 6:00.

It’s a benefit for Champlain Community Services so it has a big ticket price of $25. It’s worth every penny.

I am wishing you lots of cool things and I am totally safely saying the snow is behind us.

Have fun.


The Weather Man