Super Star Angie Sylas

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,


I am happy that I am writing you this today. I have been out of touch for a bit.

I am so happy to declare that I am also back in touch with an important colleague of mine and she is doing great work in her dual master’s degree program.

Mark and Angie Zoom 11.2.jpg

The really wonderful thing she told me is she wants to plug away so she can overhaul disability services. I am so glad to hear that and plan to be a part of her movement.

I am doing pretty poorly these days. I had great hopes for my new staff and I am sensing I need to have hopes that the next wonderful person who comes into my life can really take on the chance of a lifetime to make a big difference in someone’s life.

Want you thinking great thoughts and hopes for us all.

And has that gotten you down?

Ask yourself and joyfully listen to the answer.

Then ask yourself where you feel stuck and I will send good energy where joy is needed.

Want to end with a joke:

Q- Where did the doctor leave hope?

A- In the patients.

Keep holding the faith folks.



Your Tried and True Friend