I Am Really Moving

Dear Beloved Blog Readers,

I am so excited to tell you about how my trip to the ICI Institute went. 

It is so amazing to me that my life allows me to have such big challenges in it.  I am toying with the idea of asking the Wizard of OZ some really big things now that these smaller things have been granted. Of course we so know that the work really very much is done by our own hearts and hands. It is just super helpful to have a figurehead to pose our well-formed requests to.

Yes, the trip to Maryland in the sporty little car we had was awesome. I love hotel beds with big soft pillows and I love to hang out and chat in restaurants at night and I love to hear smart people talk and I love to hear of other people Reaching Up Through the Keyboard to a Brighter Life.

Oh, that is the title of the presentation I gave and I was really even more moved by the title after being at the conference for a day. I saw people getting to be alive and I am happy to report I am right there with them.

I am now thinking of all I did and of course all I now need to do to follow up and keep the forward energy moving. Oh, a lot moved into place when Angie Sylas caught my glances and came over and spoke to me and a new business connection began.

She chatted with me on the next night at the hotel bar. The plans we have in the works are for presentations and mentoring sessions and regular skype dates to support our work relationship.

She also gave me the best review of “I am in Here.” I ever had: 

“I was mind blown by the intricate detail, creativity, auditory pleasantries of music and "soundprops" , the use of color, and starkness of scenes. The "award" scene had my mouth hanging open. Seriously brilliant.” 

Oh, you will hear more.

I am wishing you lots of great Summer days.

I’m thinking of really easy energy and sending it your way.



The Really Jolly Assessor of My Walls Falling Down and Good People Meeting Me

Here’s a link to the ICI Summer Institute for those of you who want a deeper view of the activities. Click Here