Yes! Yes! Yes! and more Yes!

Dear Blog Readers,

Love is in the air as we now are in spring. I so much love what is in store for many of you. The time to act is now. Your best energy is right now. You are happy and open. Reach out and do it. I am so sure of this.

Oh, I am such a nosey guy. I wanted to tell you a story about a guy I know but I realized that it was too focused on what isn’t working instead of what is. I am a guy who finds a certain joy in what doesn’t work in other people’s lives because my life has a hard time moving forward. Please know this is a bad habit I hope to change right now. I am a bit of a stodgy guy at times and hope to change that too. So, find your character defects and work them into something good and then rest assured the love will come.

I am thinking how to end this. Oh, how about this?

Please relax and smile each time you speak to anyone. If I could I would because I see that technique works wonders all the time.

Singing you a beautiful song for spring….



Your Hardened Warrior of Living Well Now